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Charity Event

  • Goldmine — for mothers on maternity leave and large families!

  • Want to get a lifetime source of additional passive income?

  • Take part in the action and get a Goldmine of the Arctic Coin


Making money with minimal investment?

Poole Goldmine - Innovation Arctic Coin!

  • Without using their own equipment.
  • The best solution for beginners.
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Goldmine - create a passive source of income from your computer!

PoS Mining (Proof of Stake) - compensation for storage of coins in a purse Arctic Core.

  • Goldmine — the best source of passive income in 2016!!!

  • Use PoS-mining can be anyone, making the necessary simple settings on your computer.
  • Once set up - earn a lifetime!

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Making money on the computer?

PoW mining (Proof of Work) - award for the attachment capacity of your computer.

  • For ARC coin production uses an innovative algorithm X11 encryption.
  • Coins ARC can be extracted by applying power graphics card (GPU) and processor (CPU) of the computer.
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