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Wallet Arctic Core - is a client program, through which you can receive, store and send your coins ARC. For more information on the use of wallet can on this page.

The latest version of wallet Arctic Core - (12.09.2016).
Download the latest version of wallet Arctic Core:

for Windows 32bit

for Windows 64bit

Alternative address for download v0.12.1.2

Download the source code

GitHub - Source code

Terms of Use wallet Arctic Core

Using this software, you acknowledge and agree that the Arctic Core is not intended to be used for any illegal purposes, and that no individuals, groups or organizations associated with the creation, development, advertising and promotion Arctic Core is not responsible for the possible use of this software by any persons, group or organization for the purpose of violating the laws of their jurisdictions.

Spysend - completely independent system, because no one can control the operation of the entire network. The risk that something may not work properly is very small. That less, this software is still in development stage. This means that there is no guarantee there is no risk that the system may fail. Using Arctic Core, you do so at your own risk - follow all instructions exactly, and use only those funds that you can afford to lose if something goes wrong.

Spysend uses a very large list of keys and in the course of their work involves them very intensively. This means that you should frequently make backups of the purse, as in the process of anonymization made a lot of automatic transactions in the background. For safety reasons, it is recommended to make a backup of the purse each time increases the balance of your ARC coins.

We strongly recommend that your wallet Arctic Core in several places at the same time - this can lead to errors in the automated anonymization tools, resulting in a risk of a double send money to your Wallet Arctic Core

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