Wallet ARC

Arctic Core v0.12.1.2 (3/6/17, 5:56 PM)


Wallet Arctic Core - is a client program, through which you can receive, store and send your coins ARC. For more information on the use of wallet can on this page.

64-bit Linux 64-bit
32-bit Linux 32-bit


Maximum protection against hacking, can not be the same cryptocurrency to spend twice as each transaction is carried out in one direction only and not subject to canceling.


Low fee

The absence of taxation and minimum commissions for completed transactions, independent of the amount of the transaction and territorial affiliation.



Goldmine node - limitless and safe opportunities for earnings. Coins that are in your wallet can be profitable without transfer to third parties.

Goldmine Node rewards

Profitability of Goldmine Nodes is carried PoS Mining (Proof of Stake). Each new block up to 50% is given as a reward to the holders Goldmine Nodes

  • Current number of Goldmine Nodes: 206
  • Daily profitability*: 6,99 (0,70%) ARC
  • Monthly profitability*: 209,71 (20,97%) ARC
  • Annual Profitability*: 2 516,50 (251,65%) ARC
* - specified data at 50% of the PoS mining.


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