About ARC

ARC - this private digital currency that allows you to make instant payments all over the world. ARC uses the rank 2 network architecture that ensures high network security, as well as the possibility of introducing unique improvements and developments. ARC allows you to make payments instantly and without limit, while maintaining high financial anonymity.

All transactions are published in the blockchain, making publicly available all the operations of sending and receiving money. But, unlike the Bitcoin, using ARC, through the use of built-in anonymization technology (SpySend), track user fees becomes practically impossible, thus ensuring maximum privacy.

The innovative architecture of the decentralized network Goldmine provides maximum network security, and enables money transfers almost instantly due to the new system of distributed network Goldmine confirm transactions. This provides a significant advantage over the Bitcoin, in which transactions are confirmed only Miner to that spent much more time.

Advantages ARC


Thanks to the technology of SpySend your payments remain anonymous, that does not give anyone the opportunity to keep track of your money.


Payments and transfers are processed instantly thanks to the technology of InstantX.


Advanced encryption and a 2-tier network for complete security.

Low fees

Much lower than banks or credit cards, often even free.

Peer to peer

Uses a decentralized network, all payments must be made directly between the parties without intermediaries.


You can send and receive money anywhere in the world.

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