Getting Started

Step 1. Purpose

The first is where to start - is to determine the purpose for which you need cryptocurrency ARC.

Cryptocurrency ARC can be used:

  • as an investment tool - cryptocurrency ARC trading on exchanges cryptocurrency, and can be used by investors to diversifying the investment portfolio of its,
  • as a tool to create an additional or main source of income - you can use mining to extract value and sell it on the cryptocurrency exchange,
  • as a tool to preserve their capital - through a decentralized network, keeping money in cryptocurrency ARC hundreds of times safer than keeping money in banks or offshore, as cryptocurrency impossible to impose any sanctions by any government. And thanks to technology SpySend impossible to keep track of transactions, as well as who and how many belong to this or that amount of money,
  • as a tool to empower your business - taking payments for goods or services cryptocurrency ARC, you get additional options for your business,
  • In all the above cases cryptocurrency ARC it can also be used for cheaper (commission several times lower than in banks, and, most often, are completely absent), secure and anonymized remittances without intermediaries, such as banks. And the use of SpySend InstantX and technologies allows to make payments anywhere in the world almost immediately, while maintaining complete confidentiality.

Step 2. Instruments

Once you have decided on how and what you want to use cryptocurrency ARC, you need to select the means to achieve their goals. We have created for you a few tools that will suit people with different financial capabilities that will allow absolutely everyone as quickly as possible to achieve their goals.

Carefully check each tool. If you have questions, you can find answers to a series of page FAQ, and in our Forum. You can also write to us.

Step 3. Download Wallet Arctic Core

To use the tools for mining coins ARC, as well as to use the most coins (storing, sending and receiving payments), you will need Wallet Arctic Core.

Carefully read the instructions on how to install, configure and use Wallet Arctic Core.

Download Wallet Arctic Core

Still have questions?

Find answers to many questions relating to earnings on cryptocurrency ARC, as well as ask questions you can on our Forum.