Goldmine - create a passive source of income from your computer!

PoS Mining (Proof of Stake) - the reward for storing coins in the wallet.

  • Goldmine — the best source of passive income in 2016!!!
  • Once set up - earn a lifetime!
  • PoS mining — method for passive mining of coins without using additional computing power.
  • Start Goldmine possible both on-premise, and with the use of specialized services:
  • Use PoS-mining can be anyone, having coin ARC on your wallet (1000 ARC) and carried out the necessary adjustments.
  • The formula for calculating the remuneration for the holders Goldmine:
    • Per day = (n/t) * r * b * a
    • ROI (return on investment, in year) = ((n/t) * r * b * a * 365)/1000, where
      n - the number of personal active Goldmine
      t - the total number of Goldmine
      r - the current block reward (presently averaging about 25 ARC)
      b - blocks in an average day (presently averaging about 576 blocks)
      a - the average Goldmine payment (45% of the average block amount)

To become a holder Goldmine, to host a wallet Arctic Core 1000 ARC one transaction at zero wallet. (Goldmine Guides)

1000 ARC are on Goldmine wallet holder at his beck and no one passed. Goldmine holder may at any time exercise their 1000 ARC, thus losing the opportunity to be rewarded for it as long as again not start Goldmine. 1000 ARC in this case is a "guarantee" because Goldmine has an important role in ensuring network security.

Network constantly checks: Does the Goldmine and whether the storage address 1000 ARC has not changed. With each new generation unit selects one of the active Goldmine from the general list and receives his reward in the amount of 45% of the found unit.

Goldmine holders are also required to maintain up to date version of the software Arctic Core on its wallet, otherwise they are excluded from the list of active Goldmine and can not qualify for further reward as long as update the software to the latest version. This is necessary to ensure that, in the case of new features or software updates, users can count on a quick update Goldmine network.


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