Promotional Graphics

At the mention of the ARC in online services, retail establishments, in the press or other promotional purposes must use the following image and graphics.

Logos and Icons

Additional design (design posts)

Merchant Buttons

Donation Buttons

Style Guide

General design recommendations given in order to podderjaniya common style of the brand ARC.


  • “Blue-green”
  • RGB - 0, 177, 157
  • CMYK - 100, 0, 11, 31
  • HEX - #00b19d


Air Millhouse Italic (modified version)

Tips for displaying

  • Logo ARC (both graphical and text) must be scaled proportionately horizontally and vertically in order to preserve the original ratio width-height.
  • A single blue-green color should not change hue when used.
  • If necessary, the color can be changed to white or a shade of gray.

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