Frequently asked questions

What is cryptocurrency ARC?

ARC is a private digital currency that allows you to make instant payments around the world.                    ARC uses a 2-rank network architecture that provides high network security,                    and the possibility of introducing unique improvements and developments. ARC makes it possible to produce                    payments instantly and without restrictions, while maintaining high financial anonymity.

How to make money on cryptocurrency?

The high volatility of cryptocurrency gives you the opportunity to earn good money. Investing in cryptocurrency is much faster you will be able to repay the loan, save up for a house, an apartment or a car, pay for children's education in College, often go on vacation and travel, to realize any of your dream!

Is it profitable to keep their savings in cryptocurrency?

When using POS mining or POS pool mining efficiency conservation savings in cryptocurrency is much higher than keeping money at home or Bank.

Still have questions?

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