Starting Goldmine on their own equipment

For more information about how to install and configure wallet Arctic Core on your computer is written in the installation instructions wallet.


  • To start, you must create a transaction Goldmine 1000 ARC in one lump sum to zero wallet.
  • It is necessary to have a dedicated external IP-address.
  • The firewall port 7209 must be open (or whatever you use to connect Goldmine).
  • If you are using a router, the router must be configured port forwarding 7209 to the inside network for external connections.
  • Devices running the Goldmine must be constantly turned on and have constant access to the Internet (permissible disconnection from the network no more than 1 hour). For the smooth operation of Goldmine it is recommended to use an external device, such as a family Raspbery Pi, Banana Pro and similar devices.

If you can not satisfy the above conditions, to run Goldmine you can use services "Hosting Goldmine", or start in Pool Goldmine

Step 1. Create an address of zero wallet

Run wallet Arctic Core on your computer.
In the top menu select "Tools" - "Debug Console"

At the command prompt, enter the console command:

getnewaddress 0

Get the address of zero wallet

Step 2. Create a transaction on 1000 ARC

At the command prompt, enter the console command


AMAUKXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXb9y2AK - address the new wallet that was created in Step 1.

Get the transaction number

Step 3. Generate a private key

Now we need to create goldmineprivkey

To do this, enter the command line console

goldmine genkey

Get the private key

Step 4. Edit the configuration file arcticcoin.conf

In the top menu select "Tools" - "Open the configuration file"

Or, go to the folder in which you installed the wallet and open arcticcoin.conf file, for example, using Notepad.
Default folder with a wallet found at C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Arctic

The file records the arcticcoin.conf


6vzaXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXB7USLp - This private key obtained in Step 3.
externalip= - specify your external ip-address.

Step 5. Edit the configuration file goldmine.conf

First we need to know output index of the transaction, which we sent 1000 ARC

At the command prompt, enter the console command

goldmine outputs

Come out

The figure at the end of the line - that is output index, we need

Next, go to the folder in which you installed the wallet, and open the file goldmine.conf

In this file, make a record


gm1 - the serial number of your Goldmine, if you run a few Goldmine, the following can be gm2, gm3 etc. - external ip-address of your computer on which you run Goldmine
6vzaXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXB7USLp - This private key obtained in Step 3
18c68a3883XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXb58fc3918b6e4 - This transaction number obtained in Step 2
0 - output index, which we learned earlier in this step

Save the file and close the wallet.

Step 6. Check the connection and run Goldmine

In the section "Transactions", on the contrary of the transaction, which was sent in 1000 ARC in Step 2, put things on the icon. We wait 15 confirm.
Note that the icon "check mark" in the transactions wallet comes with 6 confirmations, but in order to run Goldmine must wait 15 confirmations

At the command prompt, enter the console command

goldmine start-all

We get the following message

If the received message in the status triggered Goldmine - "result" : "successful", then everything is fine - the launch was successful Goldmine.
As soon as a transaction in which we sent to the 1000 ARC zero wallet confirmed - in the section "Transactions" in front of this transaction clock icon will change to the icon "check", launched Goldmine ARC start producing coins, and transactions, you will see the number of coins produced.

If the received message in the status triggered Goldmine - "result" : "failed", an error occurred while launching Goldmine.
Go through all the steps again and start the Goldmine.

IMPORTANT! If you turn off your computer or you will not have an internet connection more than 1 hour, then turn off your Goldmine.

About an hour after entering the "goldmine start-all" command, you can test the functionality of running Goldmine, entering the following command in the console:

goldmine list-conf
If "status": "ENABLED", the Goldmine node running. If "status": "MISSING", the node is taken off and you need to check the settings Goldmine node and check whether all the starting conditions are met Goldmine node (external ip-address, open port 7209).

Detailed video instruction Goldmine launch (rus)

Download Wallet Arctic Core

Running on the server Goldmine "Hosting Goldmine"

Process Goldmine launch the service "Hosting Goldmine" is identical to that of the launch of Goldmine on your computer, with some additions.

In step 4, instead arcticcoin.conf editing a file, you must send the obtained in Step 3 private key goldmineprivkey operator hosting Goldmine.

The response from the host operator you need to send IP-address, which will be located your Goldmine. This IP-address use in Step 5.

How to close the Goldmine?

For the convenience of holders of Goldmine, you do not accidentally spend the coins, which were launched Goldmine, the default settings in the purse Arctic Core these coins are blocked and can not be spent.

In order to close the Goldmine and again start to use these coins, enough to remove the entry from the file for the goldmine.conf Goldmine, you want to close.

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